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Authentic Home Baked Meals not just healthy but wholesome!


Classic Meals is a family business based in the Redlands.

We have a passion for cooking authentic home baked wholesome meals, the way it used to be. Nothing beats a slow cooked roast served with a generous serving of baked vegetables or a delicious fresh salad. Everything is homemade as we believe in keeping our meals authentic.

We also offer whole baked chickens, nachos, homemade meat pies & sausage rolls, pulled pork rolls to a nice barista made coffee and so much more check out our Menu

Being an Australian owned business we only source local produce & we take our environmental responsibilities seriously so our takeaway cutlery and packaging is 100% recyclable.

On the menu

Meals starting from $12.95 each

Minimum 400grams

Classic Shepherds Pie
Curried Sausages
Chicken Broccoli Bake
Beef Strogonoff & Rice

Savoury Mince & Sweet Potato Mash
Spaghetti Bolognese 
Apricot & Chicken & Rice
Chicken Mushroom Hotpot
Beef Goulash With Mash, Peas

Rissole, Mash, Peas & Carrot
Chilli Con Carne


Sausage Rolls
Classic Sausage Roll
Spinach & Riccotta
Pumpkin & Fetta
Pork, Cheese & Bacon

Potato & Leek
Chicken &Vegetable

Nachos with Sour Cream & Home made Chutney
Tender Pulled Pork.

Our Menu

Barista Made Cappuccino
Delicious Fresh Vegetable
Wraps made to go

Roast Pork | Beef | Chicken

Roast Dinners sided with vegetables 

Roast Chicken



Meat and Salad Plates

Choose from Roast Chicken, Pulled Pork, , Roast Beef, all served with our daily salad

From $7.50

Rolls | Wraps | Fritters | Frittatas

Rolls: Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Roll Chicken, Pork or Beef Roll
Wraps: Chicken Caesar Ham, Tomato, Onion & Cheese Chicken, Cheese & Avocado with house mayo

From $6.50

Nachos | Pies | Sausage Rolls | Hot Dogs

Nacho plain or with the lot. Home made meat pies & Sausage rolls. Traditional Hog Dogs or one with the lot

From $4.50

Croissants | Garlic Bread | Quiche

Salads | Fruit Salad | Pop Corn | Bliss Balls

Plain croissants or one with ham and cheese. We also offer Gluten Free Quiche

From $3.50

Made daily plate salads for lunch or maybe a fruit salad Or Bliss Balls or put all your fruit in the one basket and have a smoothie or

From $3.50


Cappuccino to a long black, Iced Coffee, Hot chocolate, Smoothies

From $3.50

Freshly made Pop Corn, Home Made Sausage roll, Iced Coffee
Hot Dog with the lot.

Monday -          7am -   2.30pm
Tuesday -         7am -   2.30pm
Wednesday -    7am -   7.30pm

Thursday -        7am -   7.30pm
Friday -             7am -   7.30pm
Saturday -                  CLOSED
Sunday -                    CLOSED

Opening Hours

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